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Learning program

нет, не подойдет

  •  a set of tasks is compiled for the harmonious development of all significant abilities and skills of the child - cognitive, social, volitional, emotional.

Cognitive skills that allow  a child to process the sensory information that it receives. The child's ability to read or write, add or subtract, understand or analyze the situation.

Social skills are abilities that allow a child to establish friendly relations with other people, to feel comfortable in society. The child's ability to manage his own behavior, to comply with social norms and the requirements of adults.

Strong-willed qualities are abilities that allow a child to consciously control his psyche and actions. The child's ability to overcome difficulties, to act not only at will, but also by necessity.

Emotional skills are the child's ability to consciously perceive and control its emotional state. The child's ability to understand and take into account not only its own feelings and desires, but also the feelings of other people, to respond correctly to different life situations.

  • all tasks are designed in the form of developmental and educational games, taking into account the peculiarities of the development of the child at different ages.

Examples of games:

Game for the development of logic and thinking for 3-4 years:


The child should determine the category of the heard objects.

Game for the development of logic and thinking 4-5 years:

"Odd one out"

The child must determine the general signs of objects and choose an extra object.

Game for the development of logic and thinking 5-6 years:

"Name it in one word"

The child should combine several objects with one word.

  Game for the development of logic and thinking for 6-7 years:

"How are they similar and how are they different?"

The child should compare two objects and determine their properties and differences.

  • an individual learning plan and a comfortable pace allow to pay attention to the development of the child's strengths and weaknesses.

  • interesting characters  accompany the child in the entire learning process so clearly and easily that the child can on its own, without the help of adults

  • in the personal account, parents can track the progress of the child and select the load depending on the characteristics of the child.

  • statistics of progress are kept, and on its basis, parents are given recommendations for individual tasks from those that cause difficulties for the child.

  • parents are given the opportunity to fully control the process of learning and development of the child.

  • the training program is drawn up within the framework of the federal state educational standard. Parents can rest assured that edKidu fits all  conditions for the all-round development of the child.

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